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Antari Hazer Machine

The Antari Hazer HZ-100 comes equipped with an efficient, maintenance-free air compressor where no external parts are required. This compact size lends itself to stage, concert and movie work. For hands-free, automatic operation, simply attach the optional HC-1 Timer Controller to the Antari Hazer HZ-100 and adjusts the timers’ interval and duration settings with ease.

The Antari Hazer HZ-100 produces a fine translucent haze with a very long hang time without requiring temperature controls, hot air or warm-up times during operation. The haze produced will not cause dry throats or irritation.

What is the difference between a smoke machine and a hazer?
Both are used to make beams from lighting effects visible in the air. Smoke machines jet out thick white smoke, whereas hazers run continuously, creating a thinner haze which can be seen when beams of light shine through it. Hazers are often used in corporate or theatrical situations when the blast of smoke from a smoke machine would be too intrusive or noisy. The visibility of smoke created by smoke machines means they’re used for special effects, fire drill training etc. whereas Hazers can be left to operate continuously and inconspicuously.

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