Fast 5 Netball – Gangnam Style

What an event that was! The Fast 5 Netball World Series came to New Zealand and showed us a new version of one of the Country’s favourite games and entertaining is what it was!

The Fast 5 Netball World Series is a high-speed, high-octane variant on the traditional game played by the world’s top six netballing nations—New Zealand (the Fast 5 Ferns), Australia, England, Jamaica, South Africa and Malawi. Since its original launch as FastNet in 2009, it has proven a hit with players and spectators, including an international TV audience. The evolution of the game to Fast5 provided fans with an even greater spectacle.

The Ridler Mobile DJ provided the music for this event, held at Vector Arena, playing songs that got the crowd pumped, the players excited and the Fast 5 Ferns doing ‘Gangnam Style’!

If you missed the NZ girls performing ‘Gangnam Style’ as they came out on to the court for the final game then check out the video below!

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