Beach Day Out

Nothing says Summer like a day out at the beach and for the University of Auckland that’s what they planned for a bunch of students (700+ of them) on Sunday 3 March for a day out at Wenderholm Regional Park, a picturesque little spot just north of the sunny seaside town of Orewa.

Ridler DJ has been working with the University of Auckland for more than 6 years for a range of events that they put on for students throughout the year. The annual Beach Day Out is one that we love to be a part of for a number of reasons…it’s at the beach, the weather is usually awesome, it’s a chilled atmosphere and everyone’s there to have a good time…oh and it’s at the beach!
We supplied the sound and music for them while they sunbathed, swam and took part in a range of games and activities that were available for them as well as treats from the likes or Red Bull and Mr Whippy.
The thing is, we don’t just do this sort of thing for students. A Beach Day Out, Picnic, relaxed Christmas Event or Family Day that incorporates families, staff or a mixture of both is something we love to be a part of, so if you’re planning one of those then we would love to talk to you!

Corporate or Major Event…talk to us for the right mix of music and quality sound equipment to ensure everyone can relax and enjoy the event.

Get more information for Corporate Events HERE and for Major Events HERE. If you’d like to get in contact, then you can reach out via our Contact page HERE.


Stride For Success

The Stride For Success inaugural running race was a great success at the University of Auckland with 60 participants in the Elite event and over 30 teams racing in the Team relay event (a 3 hour race to complete as many laps as possible within the 3 hour period). Held on the Sunday 29 April, there was heaps of excitement with fun run activities, spot prizes, pumping music and even some great goodie bags. The Ridler Mobile DJ was there providing some great music and adding to the atmosphere throughout all of the races which started bright and early at 8am on a Sunday morning! Congratulations to all those that took part!

Check out some highlights of the Stride For Success below!

University of Auckland First Annual Great Waka Race – Auckland

We woke up to rain and ended up being sunburnt…it is an Auckland Summer after all! That was how the day ended up with the University of Auckland in Balmain Park in Devonport on Sunday 25th March 2012.


The University of Auckland First Annual Great Waka Ama Race saw students from the Sport & Recreation Department take to the water in Waka and race from Okahu Bay to Balmain Park in Cheltenham, Devonport.


It was an outdoor event with free food, drinks and entertainment for the students on a day turned out to be superb! Once the clouds and rain disappeared it was a huge day! The Ridler Mobile DJ was there to provide the entertainment and that we did! Looking forward to the next one!


Check out the video of the event below!


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