Over 20 years! I started in 1999 when I was just 18 and since then I’ve had the privilege of playing at a number of Weddings, bars/clubs, birthdays, schools and major events.

Our suggestion is to get in touch as soon as you have a date in mind to avoid disappointment as we do have busy periods throughout the year with Wedding season typically running October-April and Corporate events June, July & August as well as November and December. For Weddings, 6-9 months in advance. Other celebrations 1-2 months is ideal.

All we need to secure your date and booking is $250 deposit. The balance is due the week prior to your event.

The balance is due the week prior to your event. You can pay earlier if you wish or choose to pay in full when booking. An invoice will be sent for any balance remaining which is due prior to your event.

Yes absolutely if you wish to discuss specifics prior to booking we can arrange a day and time to meet to discuss.

Unfortunately not. We like to be 100% focused on providing an excellent service to the client at the time. In respect of their privacy, they also wouldn’t appreciate any one they don’t know showing up at their event.

There’s a range of options when it come to Weddings and providing the music and sound for the Ceremony is one of those. We can provide a sound system to suit any scenario including those outdoor Ceremonies at a beach, park or reserve.

Sorry we’re not a certified Celebrant but are happy to recommend others we know well and have worked with on previous Weddings.

Absolutely we can definitely act as MC for you if you wish. Just talk to us about what you require and we can go from there. Note there is additional costs for MC services.

Yes we can travel to a range of places and happy to provide a quote including travel. Note travel (and/or accommodation) charges may apply.

If you are cool with us taking requests then absolutely! Nothing worse than booking and paying for a DJ that doesn’t play what you want to hear! That’s the whole point of having a DJ right?! Of course there will be some requests from guests that just won’t work but we can vito those no problem.

As long as we have access to mobile data like 3G or 4G phone reception we can normally download any requests providing we are able to source it.

Yes you do – we’ll email you a link to submit any songs you would like played on the day/night approx. 4 weeks out from your event and prefer to receive this at least 2 weeks from your event.

We have an idea of popular songs and songs that work well for various aspects of the Ceremony. We also have a list of songs you can look through that might be of some assistance.

Not at all. Unlike a band, a DJ can keep playing with out the need for breaks. We can dart to the bathroom during songs but otherwise can play from start to finish.

No, we don’t smoke and don’t drink while at events to ensure we can focus on providing the best performance possible for you and your guests.

We’ll normally eat prior to an event but we do ask if performing for a duration of six hours or more then an adequate meal is provided (to ensure we don’t pass out or can no longer function due to starvation!). We don’t need a seat at a table though and are happy to eat while keeping an eye on the music from our DJ area.

All of our equipment is modern and compact to enable us to transport it and set it up and down as quickly as possible. We don’t need much space at all, typically a couple of metres squared.

For most events it would be at least 30-60mins prior to booked start time. We can arrange an early set up (typical for Weddings if playing Reception only). Some additional costs may apply.

No we try to keep it as professional as possible. If people want to know who we are they are more than happy to ask for a card.

(Touch wood!) This has never happened in over 20+ years but in the unlikely event that we can’t make it for any unforeseen circumstances we will organise for a replacement DJ of adequate service and experience to cover for us. We have a number of other DJs we can call upon if the need is ever required.

Yes in most instances we can, providing it is ok with the venue and any other associated parties. An overtime rate of $150 per hour (or any part there of) applies.